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Successful Commissioning on SDNE-D Series 500kw Oilfield Associated Gas generator Set

   The generator set is used in an oilfield in Sumatra Indonesia. Our engineer overcame countless difficulties like continuous heavy rain, poor transportation and language barrier, and successfully complete the commissioning and upgrade on 15th December. This generator set is equipped with domestic customized gas working system and electronic governing system for upgrading, which make it more appropriate for local climate and gas composition. Adopting associated gas in oilfield as the fuel for the generator set can generate electricity for oilfield exploiting equipment and daily life. The genset’s normal running makes a great contribution on saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, and improving economic benefit for the enterprise.

   SDNE-D series gas generator set is powered by DEUTZ made in China, and it is equipped with domestic mature gas working system. The genset features in stable performance, low maintenance cost and simple operation etc. It is an ideal choice for associated gas in oilfield or natural gas to generate electricity.

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